Your Experienced

Peter B. Berry

It was always a privilege to act for people from all walks of life in respect to what was for many,  the most difficult personal and financial time in their life.

James Turnbull

Managing Partner, LL.B., ASLIV., B.App.Sc.

I’ve learned over the years that an advisor in divorce law must listen carefully as every client has different concerns, priorities and expectations.

Michael Lipshutz


I seek to provide the very best representation possible.

David Hanlon


It is important that family lawyers remain impartial, objective and understanding.

Valerie Yiannikopoulos


I view my role as a family lawyer as transforming an emotional and difficult time into one that is manageable by removing the stress of the unknown following the breakdown of a relationship and offering sensible, pragmatic and commercial solutions.

Lisa Collier

B.A. LL.B. (Hons) Accredited Family Law Specialist

I became a family lawyer because I wanted a career where I could genuinely help people.

Jessica Black


I am passionate about family law and offer my clients an empathetic and caring approach.

Andrew Johnston

B.A., LL.B, LP Accredited Family Law Specialist

I believe a large part of my role as a family lawyer is to lessen the burden my clients face while navigating perhaps the most complex and emotional time of their lives.

Radu Catrina

B.A., (Hons), LL.B, GDLP

I chose to practise in this area because, in my view, it is one of the most critical areas of law.

Jethro Fries

B.A., (Hons), LL.B, GDLP

What keeps me working in family law is the opportunity to help people with the problems that are most important to them by providing clear, practical advice and solutions.