Catherine Zhang

Catherine was admitted as an Australian legal practitioner in 2019 and found her passion in family law. Before she joined Berry Family Law, she has practised family law in other boutique firms and gained rich experience in all areas of family law.

Catherine was previously admitted in China, and worked in a top-tier commercial firm headquartered in Beijing.

Over the years’ practice in law, Catherine is client-focused. She takes a pragmatic, holistic, and cost-effective approach in resolving family law disputes.

Catherine speaks fluent Mandarin. Having served clients from diverse backgrounds, Catherine appreciate the culture factor may have impact on family law settlements, so she aims to assist her clients to explore legally fair and culture-fit solutions.

In her spare time, Catherine likes yoga, running and travel.

Catherine's Reflections

Each case is unique and there are no one-size-for-all solutions. A family lawyer should be a good listener, to be able to identify the uniqueness in each case. Separation is hard, it is impossible to win in all aspects. A good family lawyer should consider all facts and help clients to explore a win-win solution.

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