James Turnbull

I’ve learned over the years that an advisor in divorce law must listen carefully as every client has different concerns, priorities and expectations.

I became accredited as a Family Law Specialist in 1997. I have worked exclusively in family and relationship law for 25 years. While each case is unique, there are very few fact scenarios which I have not encountered. This experience allows me to work in conjunction with the other practitioners in the firm to generate positive options and outcomes.

I lecture to the legal profession and to other groups including mental health professionals, school principals and school administrators in family law. While more of my time is spent in property cases, I still advise in the difficult parenting matters, particularly those which involve a request to relocate children interstate or overseas. I have never lost a relocation case.

James' Reflections:

I will listen to you carefully. Then, you will hear my pragmatic advice and your options in plain English.

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