Radu became a member of the Berry Family Law team in early 2019. This year he met the criteria for and then applied to the Law Institute of Victoria to be recognised and accredited as a Family Law Specialist.

His successful accreditation was confirmed on 8 November 2021.

Before applying for specialist accreditation, a lawyer must prove they have a minimum of five years experience in family law. Their application must be seconded by referees of recognised competence and impeccable reputation.

Once an application is accepted, the Law Institute of Victoria requires the applicant to complete a rigorous accreditation process.

This involves passing:-

  • A three hour written exam;
  • A completed mock file for a complicated and detailed fact matrix including the preparation of advice letters and court documents; and
  • A difficult client interview.

More than half of all applicants for accreditation fail.  The process is intended to ensure that only the best eligible lawyers receive accreditation. 

Radu’s success is a credit to him and he joins the ranks of our team of well regarded and specialist family lawyers. 

Radu Catrina

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