What are the possible arrangements for my children?

The Family Law Act governs the rights and responsibilities of parents for their children in the breakdown of the parents' relationship, regardless of whether the parents were married, lived together in a domestic relationship or never lived together. The objects of the Family Law Act are to:

  • Make sure children get adequate and proper care from their parents and others to help them reach their full potential; and
  • Make sure parents fulfil their duties and meet their responsibilities for the care, welfare and development of their children.

There are four main aims of the act:

  • Children have a right to know and be cared for by both parents;
  • Children have a right to have regular contact with both parents as well as other people important to their care, welfare and development;
  • Both parents should share the duties and responsibility of caring for the children and ensuring their welfare and development; and
  • Parents should agree on how their children will be parented.

These principles are all secondary to the child's best interests, which is the overriding consideration.

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